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                              TAFSIR PROGRAMME Meaning of Tafsir in Islam Tafsir is an Arabic word for exegesis and it is depicted from the Islamic Holy Book name Quran. Mufassir is a novelist of Tafsir, and in a Roman language, it is known as mufassirun. By applying Tafsir in reading Quran provides explanation, elucidation, interpretation, setting, or observation. It is an […]


    READING IJAZAH PROGRAMME   Ijazah programme Ijazah- An Ijazah is an Arabic word and it is a kind of practicing certificate given to Sunni Muslims after their course. The certificate is handled by the higher authorities belonging through a legal committee. This learning program is celebrated with high enthusiasm, great levels of energy, and the […]


IJAZAH PROGRAME Ijazah programe is an authorization Ijazah in the Arabic language which means to be permission, authorization, or license. It is an authorization of license for transmitting a subject or certain prescribed text. It is not issued by any local authority as only some certified authority possessing it could issue that. It is particularly […]