TAFSIR PROGRAMME

Meaning of Tafsir in Islam

Tafsir is an Arabic word for exegesis and it is depicted from the Islamic Holy Book name Quran. Mufassir is a novelist of Tafsir, and in a Roman language, it is known as mufassirun. By applying Tafsir in reading Quran provides explanation, elucidation, interpretation, setting, or observation. It is an application used for better and clear understanding and persuasion of ALLAH will.

Principle of tafsir programme

Tafsir pacts with the problems of spirituality, act, and philology. Tafsir’s programming is alienated into two types which are named “Tafsir-bi-al-ma’thur” (lit. the receiving of Tafsir which is conveyed in the initial times of ISLAM by the Islamic prophet Muhammad and his sahaba (mates). The second Tafsir is “Tafsir Bi-al-ra’y (lit.Tafsir my view). It has inwards over a private likeness or self-governing balanced intelligent. Around are several features and backgrounds for every Tafsir which are being presented through some schools, doctrines. Different sections in Islam like Sunni Muslim, Shia Muslim, and Sufism. General distinctions are divided between “Classic Tafsir” observed by the panel of expert Islamic Scholars and Tutors during the formative ages of Islam. The second one is “Modern Tafsir” which goes and works for the wider audience including all kinds of masses of people.

Best tafsir in Quran

Al-Bahr al-Muhit is the best Tafsir in Quran by Abu Hayyan al-Gharnati Al- Ash’ari. It is an etymological explanation on QURAN primarily from standpoint of rhetoric and Arabic grammar. As it is been stated that there are seven Tafsirs in the Islamic Quran. Without the use of Tafsir, the right of understanding of language and grammar will not be found. It adds an addition to the beautiful verses of the Quran. All the things mentioned and written in the pious book are all factual things that govern reality. Now let me say something about “QURAN”. According to Muslims, they believe that the Quran was orally revealed by ALLAH TALA to the Final Prophet MUHAMMAD through Gabriel (Jibril) an Archangel. it was done incrementally over some twenty-three years. Which began on December 22nd 609 CE. At that, the Prophet Muhammad achieved forty years of age and concluding in 632 at that time he took Purdah from the world.

Prophet’s responsibilities in Tafsir verses

The illustrations of Tafsir can be transferred to the Prophet. As it is known to the world that according to the Islamic belief and their followers. Quran was exposed to him. He narrated all the cantos, explained their meanings, and taught them. As it was one of the duties of the Prophet Muhammad. After the Purdah of Prophet Muhammad, the Sahabah (companions) took the responsibilities of their shoulders of the task of interpretation. Thus, that was the era of starting of the new age of Tafsir. Abu Bakr one of the Sahabah narrated comments by Muhammad S.A.W. At the initial stages, Tafsir was selective and brief concerning its handling. And only some of the verses and phrases were explained and made understand by then.

Existence of Tafsir in Mecca, Madina, and Iraq.

Different schools and different institutions have all different notions but it is one of the jewels in the Islamic treasure. Islam is known in the whole world due to its purity, transparency, and honesty. The transmission of Tafsir is done orally and verbally and it brings out the clarity, elaborate explanation of each Arabic Alphabet. Tafsir is the main and important domain and bears special feature in Hadith. The emerging of Tafsir and Mufassirun widened the scope in the successor’s age which lead to the development of a discipline of independent TAFSIR.


Arabic programme of Tafsir

There are Islamic scholars known as Ulma and Aalim take the responsibilities of reading and teaching of Quran in the best way. There are many programs run by the institutions which help the interested candidates to learn and understand. It is done on a grand whether monthly or quarterly. And with the help of modern technologies, it has become much easier to understand and learning Online. Human beings have evolved in the modern era. One computer & and one line of the Internet can do wonders for so many students and learners. There is much trust who runs the Tafsir Program and it’s like a festival celebrated among the masses and classes of people.


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