We all know that it is quite challenging to learn Quran online, India when you cant communicate appropriately with the teacher, or learning the Quran and Arabic as a second language for a beginner. 
By blessings of the Allah SWT, we have been able to provide one to one sessions for adults and kids so that they can learn Quran online with Tajweed rules. 
Having lot of experience and improvements which we have done, we are considered as one of the best online Quran classes free providers which are available on the internet today. 
In our one, to one session with students, our all Egyptian Quran teachers Onlineteach every student as per to their ability and interest, which simply makes Quran learning online quite efficiently and more effectively. 

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Quran Classes for Kids 


Itthe significant responsibility for the parents to teach their children about the religion, so for this, we have come forward to provide you with advanced coaching about the hafiz course. 
They should have an exceptional education for them so that they can learn about their religion ithey know about their when they 18 years then it will be easy for them to decide what they should do in future. 
We have various parents and who are quite happy with their kids performance when they are studying in the typical mainstream school and also attending the Quran classes near me in the evening with our tutorsAt the Online Quran Courses, UK, students learn about the scientific miracles about the Quran. 

Basic Quran Learning 

Our fundamental Quran Academy Egypt consists of various courses such as Quran Reading and Noorani Qaida with basic Tajweed rules. 

Online Quran classes 

Our online teaching Quran classes have significant focus learn quran with Tajweed on Tajweed rules; courses are specially constructed so that you can have proper pronunciation and memorization of the Quran. The holy Quran is quite more than the words which are listed on a page, and every word has appropriate meaning in a Muslims life. To understand and learn Tajweed appropriately learn the laws of creation, which our online Quran teacherforces to assist students to master. 

Quran memorization 

As our teachers work personally with students so that they can memorize every part of the Quran appropriately. To the motive of memorizing the Quran is to understand the meaning of every word and let others give inspirationsWe provide you with the Quran courses to choose from. 

Online Quran Teaching 

We had been out for the real necessity, basically due to the mainstream curriculum does not assist the young Muslims and Islamic teaching, which are going in the schools. By enrolling our Quran learning classes, usually, pupils finish their online Quran learning within 1 or 2 years. We have several studentswho have joined our online Quran classes and attend classes after their regular classes in the school.There is no age limit for they are adjusted in a batch as per their capability and understanding related to Arabic and Islamic studies. 

Learn Quran Online Easy 

Another task which we have to face is that students spend almost 6 to 7 hours while studying in the school or at home and later on being online to learn the Quran sometimes it could be mentally distracting. Still, we have found solution for this also by making every concept quite enjoyable for the students. Furthermore, we also make sure that students also enjoy the learning because he or she has been studying quite a long day, so we do not want they should feel overburden while leaning the new concepts. 
The motive against behind implementing more Arabic is that students should understand andlearn Quran and Arabic because of the demand of the religion of Islam as it is written in Arabic and itan essential part of the Islam. 

Online Arabic classes 

With different levels from beginners to advanced, these online classes should focus on learning the language, writing, reading, grammar and expression. You can also take benefit from Learn Quran Online free download from where aspirants can will choose these courses will be able tolearn to write read, and speak Arabic with appropriate fluency and joins millions of Muslimsthroughout the world who easily study and understand the language holy Quran.  

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Why Join the Holy Quran Classes? 

We are providing World’s Best Online Quran Classes for Adults and Kids with various Native Arab Tutors 

We offer one to one Online Quran classes as we have our setup arranged like this. The tutorscan give special attention to every student for the complete schedule daily so that students can learn quickly. We are using all the latest softwares so that we can operate our classes appropriately. 

We provide online Quran classes available for seven days a week, and it does not matter to us in which part of the world you are living you can go for the courses as per your desired timings. 

We consist of the most Expert and Trained Native Arab Quran Tutors so that they can makeyour learning quite efficient. We have teacher who teaches in Arabic, English, Hindi and Urdu Languages. 

Our Support Team always does random checking and audit during the Quran Online Classes so that we should provide you with the best learning experience. We do audit our classes so that we should offer you highquality services. 

Get always provide lesson reports to ensure the improvements and progress of your child.Moreover, we also offer the attendance record of the students. 

We have certified payment method, which makes sure that your payment process is alwayssecure, smooth and safe through Credit or Debit card and PayPal 

Read Our Real Stories with Al Quran and Arabic Language online 

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After trying different teachers for my kids, I came across Learn Quran With Tajweed  and was completely satisfied with the learning and now I recommend all my friends and family members to contact Al-Bayan Academy and just have a Free Trial to see, how convenient it is to learn Quran online

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Alhamdo Lillah, I have completed my Nazrah Quran and received the certificate. And I would surely recommend Al-Bayan Academy and Mr. / Miss Asmaa  if you want to learn from the basics with a very patient and expert teacher.

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I am very grateful to learn Quran with Tajweed Academy for the effort they have put to teach my kids. Especially for me, it was a blessing as I have a limited budget and learn Quran with Tajweed Academy , co-operated with me to fulfil my ambition of teaching Quran to my kids. Thank youlearn Quran with Tajweed Academy .

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Unique platform for learning Arabic and Quran online Via Expert Teachers  

to help with different course material and also offers Quran Reading Ijazah programes  and Ijazah in other sciences of Quran And Islamic Studies

Quran for kids Programme 

We have a unique programe to teach your kids the Holy Quran from their homes with the translation of the holy Quran so they can understand what they are going to read.

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Best Online Quran Classes

We Design our Quran classes online to fit all ages and also we have a very good female quran teachers beside you can try at anytime our free trial class at anytime all you need to sign up.

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Learn Quran Online Courses

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Learn Quran With Tajweed Courses

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Students are loving  it

Our Students always gave us a great feedback to keep doing our great work we are really love all of you for the sake of Allah and We hope Allah will gather all of us in the days of Judgement in Jannuatual firdawas


It was a very knowledgeable learning journey with Al-Bayan Academy. I got an Expert teacher who helped me to learn Arabic and practiced with me to speak Arabic and today I can speak Arabic with confidence and it would make my recitation of Quran more understandable and my Hajj journey more convenient.

I wanted to learn Quran with Tajweed but due to tough time schedule, it was almost impossible for me to do so. But a friend of mine recommended online classes and also recommended Al-Bayan Academy and I started learning Tajweed with Mr. Osama Youssef  And within 2 months, I feel that I don’t have to make special arrangements rather sitting at home I have learned a lot and feel satisfied and surely recommend Al-Bayan Academy and my teacher to my friends and family.

The best thing I found in learning Quran online with Al-Bayan Academy that first of all, I can learn at the comfort of my home and second due to my job, I cannot assign specific time as my duty shift changes every week. But with the help of Al-Bayan Academy teacher, who was very helpful and flexible with timing, I was able to complete the recitation of Quran with Tajweed. Thanks to Al-Bayan Academy team and may Allah bless you all.


My son is a bit shy and he had difficulty learning Quran at mosque along with other students. So, as a supplementary source, I started online Quran course at Al-Bayan Academy. And now I can see him progressing and now I can easily switch to online Quran learning after noticing him improving.

I was eager to learn to recite Quran but could not find any facility near my place. After searching on internet found Al-Bayan Academy and started to learn basic Arabic Tajweed. It was an amazing experience for me and give me confidence to learn more about the language of Quran. And now after completing Tajweed course I am going to start Arabic language course.  So that I can directly understand the words of Allah.

Our Technology 

Wutilize one of the advanced educational portal systems to conduct all our classes. Our portalallows simultaneously distance learning with various advanced tools such as real-time virtual classrooms. Some of the essential features of our classroom are: 

  • Superior audio, having live video streams which are controlled by Tutor. 
  • Useful text chat messenger. 
  • Whiteboard tools to describe easily. 
  • Sharing books, presentations, documents, and much more. 

Learn the Quranic Arabic Online for non-Arabs

Our online Quran lessons are perfect for anyone interested in
learning and understanding the Arabic language of the Quran. We
provide basic information about each Surah (or part), giving you a
historical perspective and a complete understanding of its message.
Each section of every chapter is accompanied by an interactive
learning page, allowing you to delve deeper into the teachings of the
You’ll cover chapters like Surah al-Ankabut and Surah al-Rum, as well as explore Surah Al Nissa (also known as women), which focuses on family life.

1-The Prophet’s story

These online Quran lessons are based on poems related to six Prophets. You’ll start with the first Prophet, Adam, and proceed in chronological order, learning about the lives and teachings of each Prophet, including the Prophet Muhammad. It’s a comprehensive journey that will deepen your understanding of the Quran and its context.

2-Tajweed (Quran Reading Rules)

Arabic is a delicate language, and even the smallest mistake can alter the meaning of a word. To ensure the correct recitation and respect for the Quran, there are specific reading rules called Tajweed.
Learn Arabic Quran online with us, and you’ll master the different rules of Tajweed and practice reading the Quran correctly. You’ll not only learn the scriptures but also the meaning of each word.
With just a click, you can listen to the pronunciation of any word in the chapter and receive its translation. We even provide color-coded Tajweed rules for each word, along with explanations for why these rules exist.

3-Covering the main topics

  • Our Arabic language program covers essential topics to give you a strong foundation in the language. You’ll learn:
  • Name and grammar analysis: Understand how Arabic names and grammar work.
  • Making a sentence: Learn to construct sentences in Arabic.
  • Types of sentences and usage: Discover the different sentence structures and their applications.
  • Three-letter verbs and derivatives: Dive into the intricacies of three-letter verbs and their derivatives.
  • Three-letter verbs and partial derivatives: Explore partial derivatives of three-letter verbs.
  • Received name and frequent participants in the Quran: Understand the significance of received names and frequently used words in the Quran.

4-Learning results

By enrolling in our online Arabic language program, you can expect to:

  • Understand the structure of the Arabic language.
  • Grasp the important grammar rules.
    Analyze the grammar of the Quran.
  • Familiarize yourself with every word used at least 50 times throughout the Quran.

Embark on a journey to learn the Quranic Arabic online, even if you’re a non-Arab. Our dedicated online resource and one-on-one tutoring will make the learning process easy, fun, and rewarding.

The Arabic words and basic rules

The Arabic language is rich in vocabulary and has its own set of rules that learners must grasp in order to read and understand the Quran. In this article, we will explore the basics of Arabic words and the rules that govern their pronunciation.

  • Quranic Verse

After learning the Arabic letters and the basic rules, learners should move on to reading complete Quranic verses. This helps them familiarize themselves with the words used in the Quran and improves their pronunciation.

Learning the Rules of Tajweed

Tajweed refers to the rules of proper Quranic recitation. Learning these rules helps reciters beautify their recitation and understand the deeper meaning of the Quran. Tajweed rules ensure that the Quran is recited correctly, as it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Characteristics and Makharij of Arabic Letters

Each letter in the Arabic alphabet has a specific point of pronunciation known as the makhraj, or exit point. Understanding the makharij and characteristics of each letter is essential for proper pronunciation. There are five general exits: the tongue, the lips, the nasal passage, the throat, and the chest.

Rules of Nun/Meem Sakinnah and Tanween

Nun Sakinnah and tanween refer to the rules governing the pronunciation of the nasal sound “n” and the short vowels known as tanween. These rules include Idgham (assimilation), Idhar (clear pronunciation), Iqlaab (changing the sound), and Ikhfaa (concealing the sound).

Rules of Laam and Raa

The Arabic letters Laam and Raa have their own specific rules of pronunciation. Mastering these rules is crucial for correct recitation.

Reading and Memorizing Quran

Once learners have grasped the rules of tajweed and pronunciation, they can start reading and memorizing the Quran. Starting with Juz’ Amma, the Quran is divided into parts according to the learner’s level of proficiency. Regular exams ensure comprehension and progress.

Difficulties Faced by Non-Arabic Speakers

Non-Arabic speakers face common obstacles while learning Arabic. One major challenge is the difference between the standardized Arabic used in the Quran and the colloquial Arabic spoken by native speakers. Grammar rules and silent letters also pose difficulties. Pronunciation of unfamiliar sounds, such as Ain, Qaaf, and Ha, can be challenging. Building a vocabulary base and age and language differences further compound the learning process.

Solutions for Non-Arabic Speakers

Linguists and educational institutes have developed simplified curricula and used modern technology to facilitate Arabic learning for non-native speakers. Patient perseverance and hard work are essential for achieving the goal of reading and understanding the Quran.
By understanding Arabic words and following the rules of Tajweed, learners can enhance their relationship with the Quran and deepen their spiritual connection. With dedication and proper guidance, mastering the Arabic language will enable learners to appreciate the beauty and wisdom of Allah’s words.

Looking to deepen your understanding of the Quranic Arabic? ✨ Join our online program specially designed for non-Arabs! Enhance your knowledge and connect with dedicated teachers who will guide you every step of the way. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!