Learn Quran with tajweed

Learn Quran with tajweed 

Would you like to learn the Quran online with intonation? Our online course will help you explore the great beauty of the Koran, which goes beyond the history of creation and the law of God. The Quran is also available to maintain and advise on the Arabic language that Allah used to send his revelations to the prophet Muhammad. Muslims who study the Quran will disappear with a better understanding of the Arabic language and its differences.

One of the most important differences in Tajweed is the correct pronunciation of Arabic words. Those who learn to read the Quran with phonetic tajweed can pronounce the Arabic words appropriately. Tajweed means “to improve”. This Quran Tajweed course is designed to teach the rules of tajweed from a theoretical point of view. And Practice Students will receive regular exercises and homework to make sure they understand all of the content.

Tajweed should not be considered a matter of accent or accent. It covers many important characteristics of the sacred text, including the synchronization of the syllables, the clarity of the expression, and how to change each letter pronouncing the word. Finally, Tajweed emphasizes the importance of personal and spiritual connection to the scripture text. The Quran understands that Muslims ask God to protect compassion, wisdom, or the means to grow, to connect with God by understanding his clear words.


In the beginning, Tajweed was an ancient rule of complete reading of the Quran. Every Muslim should know how to recite the Quran with the correct pronunciation, called Tajweed, using the mouth, throat, or nose at the right time. The word “tajweed” means “to improve” when learning the Quran with Tajweed, we must find an appropriate tutor who can inform them about the rules and regulations of the Koran.

Course format (Learn Quran with Tajweed)

The Quran and Tajweed courses offered by the university are more interactive sessions than the courses that provide accurate learning of the Quran online. But it teaches the correct way to send lessons. It also helps to understand the principles of reading the Koran. The tutor helps us teach letters and vowels with the correct pronunciation. The teachers thoroughly analyzed the rules and regulations of Tajweed in the Quran. To improve the Tajweed student fundamentals, we can continue to clean them up by reading the lessons with the help of our special instructors.


What will you learn in our Quran with the so-called online course?

Students learning tajweed with our online course have the following learning objectives:

Tajweed: basics

Al-Isti Google’saatha and Al-Basmalah

Al-Noon Al-Sakinah Rules

Noon and there is Mushaddadah

Al-Meem Al-Saakinah Rules


Ahkaam Al-Madd (Madd’s Law)

Al-Laam Al-Shamseeyah

Al-Laam Al-Qamareeyah


Hamzah online

Hamzah cut

Alif calm and clear

Prevent the meeting of two Salkin

Makhaarij Al-Huroof

Sifaat Al Huroof

Tafkheem level (generally muffakham is stuck in characters)

Tafkheem and Tarqeeq of the letters Raa



Instructor Information

This course was created to cover the reading of the 10 verses of the Holy Quran with exercises to ensure students receive pronunciation and pronunciation. The content is taught by academics from Learn Quran in Ijazah. Teacher training in Islamic studies will help students learn the Koran with online tajweed, and will understand the use and value of tajweed pronunciation. Appropriately, it helps to understand the verses of the Koran, the sacred revelations, and the importance of the Arabic language in Islamic history.


Goals and objective

The main purpose is to spread the teaching of the Qur’an in the best possible way and to revive the teachings of God the Great throughout the world.

To learn how to extend words and letters

To improve understanding of the Koran

Also, to learn all the movements of the letters with the help of sounds when necessary

Learn all the basic rules of Quran intonation.

Read the Holy Quran with intonation without deception

Memorize and read the book of God correctly and precisely

Also, every Muslim must have basic knowledge of the Quran and intonation. Learning Tajweed is not a game for children and can be very difficult. Reading the Qur’an is error-free and should be done for this. It can be difficult to read without errors. This is why we try to make students’ learning of the Quran easier and faster. And they can read it correctly. The course covers the basics of the Quran and the rules for reading it. Also, the main focus is on reading Ten Qur’an including the Qur’an, institutions, Al-Qalqalah, and many others. Without distance launchers. The ease of the flexible program makes it easy for students to learn the Qur’an from their current location.


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