Learn Arabic and Quran online

Learn Arabic and Quran online

21st century change the world dynamics, which change the whole globe into a smart by connecting the whole world in the same place, which is the internet. Many of the world recognized company working on how to make internet access available to every person through the connect himself to the world and use the essential service of the internet for making it’s life easy and comfortable. However, the world’s major development after the revolution of the internet is that it connects every person through social media platforms. In a result, it creates a positive impact on the world economy where the people from every country by using the internet can sell their services or buy other services which help the countries to grow their reserve, and It has also created a greater influence in the Education field and the new term introduced which is online learning.

Online learning is education that takes place over the internet, which has often referred to as e-learning in which there is no need to go physically in a classroom. It has just changed the old tradition of learning, where the learner goes in the classroom physically, but online education demands your virtual presence like in a google classroom where you enroll in a classroom. Both instructors and learners come online at the time of class, and teachers share educational resources. Students can ask the question from their respective teacher’s which create cooperation with instructor and learner in a result students learn a better in a virtual classroom and when the Muslim of worlds keenly observe this type of education and start working on their online learning of Arabic and Quran which is necessary for Muslims of the world.

Arabic is the Muslim native language in the world because their holy book is also in Arabic language and in the sight of the Muslim Arabic have significant importance and their Holy prophet S.A.W language is also Arabic that’s why majority of the Muslim in the world want to learn Arabic language which help them to understand their holy book in true context but we all know Muslim are not living in single state and spread all over the world and have different culture, norms languages that’s why it’s a difficult for them to learn Arabic and in all circumstances many of the brother who have significant knowledge of Arabic start online teaching which help the Muslim to learn their holy language by using internet from all over the world but internet is necessary for the access as the all of Muslim have internet access in their countries then they can start learning from their Muslim brothers and in exchange of knowledge you give them money because it motivate them to continue their holy cause and it is not just limited to Muslim state, you can learn from the all over the world no matter which state .

But here, the question is which platform is better for Arabic learning? How to authenticate either it is a valid platform for Arabic learning or not? Then resolve the matter I give you the list of the platform which is the authentic and best platform for learning Arabic and if you want to learn Arabic then go on these platforms and register yourself and pay a fee according to every organization policy let see what the platforms are?





1. Memrise
2. Speak
3. Al-Kunuz
4. Busuu.com
5. Polyglot Club




Memrise is an online application available on every device and app available in the English language, and you can learn Arabic from this app were quizzes and assignment designs for learning the Arabic language


Speak is an online application for the learning of Arabic language and you can register yourself on it by using your Facebook account and native speaker facility available on this app, and you can enhance your vocabulary by playing linguistic games


Al-Kunduz is an online platform for Arabic learning online where you can learn Arabic language principles, the pronunciation of the words and classes are destined for students of all levels


Bussu.com designs for those people who can’t take physical classes of Arabic and still want to learn it in which only specific part of Arabic is free and if you want to learn all the course of Arabic then buy it, and you can register yourself from your Facebook account

Polyglot Club

The polyglot club is developed by keeping the latest trend of technologies in mind, and it’s developed for those users who want to learn online Arabic where you can learn Arabic in their respective meaning of an English which enhance your interest in learning of Arabic online



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