Beginning Quran Reading

Beginning Quran Reading

There is a lot of turmoil in the world because we don’t understand the cultural perspectives of our fellow humans. Reading the most sacred text is a good reading point to develop a mutual understanding of humans and respect for other religions. For the Islamic religion, the main religious text was the Koran, which would have revealed the spiritual truth of God (God) to humanity. For some people, it can be difficult to sit down and read the Koran from top to bottom.


The word Quran (sometimes the spelling of the Quran or the Quran) comes from the Arabic word “pumpkin”, which means “reading”. Muslims believe that the Holy Quran, peace and blessings be upon him, has been Angel Gabriel for 23 years. This revelation was copied by the disciples in the period after the death of Muhammad, and each verse contains specific historical content that does not follow a linear or historical narration. The Qur’an assumes that readers already know some of the main subjects of the Holy Books and provides comments or explanations on some of these events.


The subjects of the Quran are intertwined between the chapters and the book is not presented chronologically. How do you understand his message? Here are some suggestions for understanding this important sacred text.


Get basic knowledge about Islam

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Before conducting a study on the Qur’an, you must have basic training in the doctrine of Islam. This will give you a base to start and understand the vocabulary and message of the Qur’an. Some places to acquire this knowledge:


  • Introduction to Islam
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  • The doctrine and teachings of Islam


Choose a good Quran translation

The Koran was written in Arabic and the original text has remained unchanged since then. If you do not read Arabic, you will need to obtain a translation, which is at best an interpretation of the Arabic meaning. The translations differ in their style and their devotion to Arab origin.


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  • Correct management of the Quran


Choose a commentary on the Quran or an accompanying book

When accompanying the Qur’an, it is helpful to have an explanation or comment to refer to during the reading. Although many English translations include footnotes, some steps may require additional clarification or they may be placed in their full context. Many positive reviews are available in libraries or online retailers.


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  • Understanding the Qur’an for two rigid reasons
  • The Qur’an. The modern understanding of Safi Kaskas


Ask a question

The Qur’an challenges the reader to think about his message and to think about its meaning and acceptance with understanding, not blind faith. When reading, don’t hesitate to ask the Muslim experts for clarification.


The local mosque will have an imam or other happy authority to answer serious questions from anyone with a sincere interest.


Find a mosque


Keep learning

In Islam, the learning process never ends. As your understanding of Islamic belief grows, you may come across many questions or topics that you want to explore. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said to his disciples, “They are seeking knowledge, even in China – in other words, to continue your studies as far as possible on earth.


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