Ijazah programme

Ijazah- An Ijazah is an Arabic word and it is a kind of practicing certificate given to Sunni Muslims after their course. The certificate is handled by the higher authorities belonging through a legal committee. This learning program is celebrated with high enthusiasm, great levels of energy, and the excitement of learning something very Pious. The certification of IJAZAH PROGRAMME is done with the nature of the consent of education and reciting the Holy Quran with Tajweed. It is worked by the help and chains of the reciters that prompt PROPHET MUHAMMAD S.A.W. (PEACE BE UPON HIM).

Online reading program

Today is the world and generation of speedy and quick life. So human beings do know how much valuable time especially Muslims. I am saying this as because Muslims do take care of worldly affairs and religious cultures both very seriously as in the ISLAM it is believed that there is Life After Death and they have to answer of all the ac actions committed by them whether it’s a good deed SAWAB or a bad deed GUNNAH. In the modern world, the Almighty ALLAH TALA has given the power of the Internet as a boon to mankind. Like as if every coin has got two-sided one is head and on the other side is tail. So why not make good use of it. The Ijazah programme could be read, learn, and write with the help of skype and other web services.

No barriers in learning Ijazah program

There are many courses offered through the Net with power and positive energy. There are panels and long lists of Islamic tutors and scholars. These online courses are offered and carried with respect and extraordinary pride. They can quickly learn the teachings of the Holy Quran. One must show only interest in the reading as well as learning of the Ijazah course. There are merit lists and ranking based depending upon their certification of learning. Some people do come from different religions but they show great interest and curiosity in learning/teachings/ reading of the Holy Book. Islam does not stop them hence they support them to understand this religion and its system to follow. In the whole world, Islam is the only religion that is very easy to follow and it follows only on the Almighty ALLAH. Transparency and purity are the base of this religion.


Ijazah only for intended students

The readings and learnings of the Ijazah program are only intended for the students who have specialized and equipped themselves and have mastered the principles of Tajweed and its applications. The following students are only required to understand the dialect of Arabic to the level of acceptance. Then the experts and Islamic experts will teach the course in language Arabic. They should bear thorough knowledge then only they could enroll in this Reading of Ijazah program. It all depends upon the hard work and expert studying to get certified in Ijazah. There is a committee of people in which the authorities take the decision and a governing body takes up the final decision.


The Muslims / followers of Islam who are willing to get the Ijazah program in the QURAN Memorization could learn with the guidance and help of highly qualified and experienced Huffaz in the following course. There is no requirement for any kind of experience in this course. It is mainly aimed at starters and beginners. But they should know Tajweed. The reading of online and offline courses starts from the age of nine to sixty years. There is clarity in this teaching as there are male teachers available for male students and female students with female tutors. For the learning of Ijazah, one should know that they should Memorize Quran before joining Sheikh or female Sheikha for IJAZAH.

There are many institutes opened across the globe for the teachings of Islam and being Online is a boon and gift to mankind. They could anything and anywhere from the universe by just sitting in one place. But with proper guidance and under the supervision of qualified and renowned scholars. In Islam, the culture of Discipline has to be maintained everywhere whether it’s home or outside home, office, or some casual meetings. The beauty of Islam lies with the simplicity and cleanliness of hearts and souls.


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