Islamic studies for kids

Islamic studies for kids

Our children are the most precious blessings of Allah (we want you to follow the correct path of Islam. Even if you are a Muslim and your children think that Muslims are the same, you must show them to study to try to make them understand their religion from the bottom of their hearts and understand the importance of Islam.

The main problem that your child will create is Islam.

Today, in addition to understanding what Islam is, there are 4 basic Islamic teachings that your child should learn …


Pillars of Islam

The five pillars of Islam are seen as the framework for each lesson of Islam. It is the main phase of Islamic education that every Muslim must learn and look good.

The Shahada (announcement of faith)

Shahada is the pillar of Islam. It is a presentation of the belief in the unity of God (Tawhid) and the acceptance of Muhammad as a prophet of God.

Salat (Muslim prayers)

Salat or Salah is the second pillar of Islam. It is a physical, mental, and profound demonstration of respect for Allah, which requires you to act five times a day on a specific occasion.

Zakat (charitable obligations)

Zakat or zakah is the third pillar of Islam. Help the poor and the poor. It is compulsory for all mature Muslims of the brain and how to give Zakat. Muslims are aware that what they have is Allah and generally we do not claim it and we must use it to remember Allah and help those who are not happy. It also helps to get rid of excessive demands for greed and narcissism.

Ramadan mountain range (fast Ramadan)

Ramadan Sawm is the fourth pillar of Islam. Fasting during Ramadan means swearing, eating, drinking, smoking, and having sex every day from morning until sunset when the sound of Adhan returns. Fasting helps Muslims with increasing attitudes, a better understanding of Allah’s endowment and

Hajj (pilgrimage) Hajj (pilgrimage) is the fifth and last pillar of Islam. It is an annual Islamic trip to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, a holy city for Muslims and a strict requirement for Muslims that every Muslim adult must do every time in his life. For having made this trip and being able to support the family during their


Online education for Islam

The online course on Islamic Studies is about Islam and it happened. What are the commandments or commandments of Allah, what should we do to become better Muslims? It focuses on people and shows them everything important so that the children know that they need to be educated in the lesson. A coach ready to deal with students. No matter what your children don’t like to learn, they can make them learn because they know all the right educational strategies.

To be the best Muslim, knowing the lessons is important, that’s why the online government is right for you, no matter where in the world you are. Whenever you have an association website, you can contact us. We are always for the best management. We have adaptive administration, so if your children can execute Islamic orders and remind us via Skype, people from the United States and the United Kingdom and beyond. Get the best session at home. Parents today do not have a compelling reason to stress with children because online education is the best thing for children about Islam until they reach their founding.


Islamic education for children, being a Muslim, knowing Islam is essential. Without having to think carefully about Islam, we cannot be true Muslims. Easy learning by young people, compared to understanding that when we are older, this is why we should have an Islamic education, especially for children who will make them adapt seamlessly. The purpose of online education is to show children the importance of Islam. We make research on Islam easy and fun by showing your child the best of himself, going crazy until people are interested in learning. We stabilize the roots so that students find learning simple. It makes learning about the best web administration inaccessible to children of all ages, making it easier to remember religion through simple Islamic studies.


Useful Situations or Benefits of Online Islamic Education for Children

They will have access to the content and lessons of each fiscal year recorded online on the website. Adaptive time plans allow students to focus on isolated places and do not need to exist in one place to familiarize themselves with Islamic education.

Enrolling in an online educational institution will allow students to learn every day by receiving time from their schedule. With the timetables and courses available on the web, people can learn Islamic studies anywhere and anytime.

The online course is managed by a guide with knowledge and real experience in childcare.


No matter if your child has the opportunity and wants to learn different Islamic studies, online coaches will influence them with easy and fun learning strategies that will make them love this learning adventure. With the help of online teaching of Islamic studies, students or children can familiarize themselves with the subjects as indicated by the rhythm and simplicity.


If you do not have the opportunity or the information to show Islamic education to your children, the solution is the solution. And this method is online education in Islamic education


Goals and objectives:

Our main point is to teach children the basic principles of Islam.


1- Make discovering Islam easy and fun by showing your child the best aspect


2- Pay attention to things until people want to learn. We guarantee that students can easily find their roots.


3- Provide the best knowledge accessible online to children of all ages.


4- Our experts facilitate the memorization of religion through Islamic education.


Being the best Muslim, knowing the lessons is important, that’s why we teach young people. We have an excellent online service, regardless of where you are in the world, by enabling an Internet connection, you can connect with us at any time to get the best service.


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